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Travel preparation

The World Health Organization encourages travelers to consult a travel medicine specialist before traveling to any place where a vaccine-preventable disease might occur. But how are you supposed to know what diseases could be present where you are traveling?

Ask us! The travel medicine clinic at Novant Health Infectious Disease Specialists has up-to-the-minute travel alerts put out by governments and global health organizations. Our information is updated long before similar information hits the internet. Our travel medicine specialists will work with you to:

  • Learn about your destinations and reasons for travel.

    Will you be traveling alone or with a group? To a modern country or a developing nation? Having you fill out our Pre-Travel Form helps us learn about your health and vaccination history, and determine what hazards you might be exposed to. We collect this information before you visit our office so that we can have needed advice and travel vaccinations prepared before your appointment. Contact one of our offices to request a pre-travel form.

  • Administer any required travel vaccinations.

    We'll have your vaccines ready and waiting at your appointment. Click here to learn more about common travel vaccinations.

  • Create a personalized travel health itinerary

    to advise you of health concerns including insect-borne and water-borne illnesses. We'll even warn you about any food or drink to avoid.

  • Counsel you on ways to acclimate to high altitudes,

    if applicable.

  • Inform you of health resources available,

    or not available, in your countries of travel.

We also file your vaccination information with your insurance company, which is important should you need care during your trip or upon your return.

Make your appointment early!

Please schedule your appointment as soon as you learn about your trip, ideally three to six months before travel. Some vaccinations require two doses and others require a few weeks after administration for you to build up immunity.

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